Nick Grimshaw Parties With Celeb Pals In Mallorca For 29th Birthday

Nick Grimshaw ditched celeb holidaying hotspot Ibiza in favour of a birthday vaycay with close gal pal Pixie Geldof and a handful of friends on the sun-drenched isle of Mallorca. 

The BBC DJ is taking some much needed time out from his eye-wateringly early breakfast slot to frolic on the beach with his nearest and dearest, and made sure BFF Henry Holland was there in time to celebrate his 29th birthday today. 

“Emergency text from ‪@grimmers‬ from Mallorca “please bring dippy’s” thrilled to be the courier of fine scents – see you monday FREAK,” wrote the British designer on Twitter last week before hopping on a plane to the Med to see his fellow quiff-loving buddy. 

Sharing his holiday photos on Instagram, Grimmy posted pics of himself parading his white bits whilst he pretended to be curvy beach babe Kelly Brook, he also snapped fellow northerner Henry grinning in a wifebeater as well as Pixie showing off her incredibly long tongue – all in all a good birthday week so far then, NG? 

Although there is one showbiz BFF missing from his continuing birthday trip. Celeb bestie Harry Styles has so far failed to make an appearance as Nick toasts his 29th. Could one of our favourite ever celebrity bromances be on the rocks? Or will the lady-loving lothario be surprising the birthday boy today? Well, One Direction have just wrapped up their US tour… 

Either way, we’re in no doubt that the disc-spinning presenter will hitting up the dancefloor later on tonight. He’s already shown us how him and fellow Radio 1 DJ Greg James can bust some serious moves

Watch out BCM, Grimmy’s crew is comin’ atcha. 

By Claire Blackmore 

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