Marnie Simpson Says She’s Been Chatting To This One Direction Lad

Following her break-up with Lewis Bloor, the Geordie Shore lady has been getting to know Niall Horan...

It’s fair to say it’s been a tricky few months for Marnie Simpson, with the Geordie Shore gal recently confirming that she’s split from boyfriend Lewis Bloor.

However, it would appear that she’s moving on and up – and potentially with one very famous singer. Ooh.

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Interestingly, Marnie’s claimed she’s been chatting to one of the One Direction lads.

The 25-year-old says Niall Horan has slid into her Twitter DMs of late. Most unlikely celeb pairing ever?! We think yes.

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According to reports, Niall pressed follow on Marnie’s account after becoming a self-confessed Geordie Shore fan.

However, it would appear that he may have a bit of competition when it comes her instant messages – as singer James Arthur has also hit up her inbox.

Marnie tells The Sun: ‘I’ve been speaking to them. We’ve said hello and I’ve spoken over DMs with both of them.’

James Arthur

Marnie Simpson says she’s also been chatting to James Arthur

However, before we all start getting ahead of ourselves, don’t start getting ideas of a love triangle. Marnie continues: ‘It’s just friendly – they’re both big fans of the show.’

But while it would appear that James, 29, is back on with his on-off girlfriend Jessica Grist, single Niall, 23, could still pull out a few smooth moves…

Lets just watch this space, eh folks?

Alice Perry