Niall Horan Gets Very Cheeky During An Interview With Lorraine

The 23-year-old singer enjoys a flirt with the TV host, and Twitter has a lot to say about it...

Niall Horan appeared on Lorraine this morning, and as expected, Twitter went a little bit mad.

The One Direction singer, 23, was on the show to promote his new single Slow Hands. But that’s not all he and Lorraine, 57, ended up chatting about.

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Niall Horan on Lorraine

Niall Horan made some cheeky comments on Lorraine

In fact, the conversation ended up turning a teeny bit flirty.

Talking about his track, Niall said: ‘I thought I’d finished the album last November/December, then I had a thought in January that I wasn’t and I went back into the studio and I wrote Slow Hands in February.

‘It was kind of like a last minute addition to the album. Very sexual, Lorraine… I didn’t want to say that in front of you, but I’ve said it now.’

You’d have thought Lorraine may have been a tad embarrassed, but instead she responded: ‘That’s a good thing. Sex is one of the wonderful things in life, it is!’

Niall then praised: ‘What a wonderful woman. You are the loveliest woman in television.’

On the female attention he receives, he joked: ‘It’s not as bad as you think. I’m quite reserved. Are you asking for my number? Because I wish you were [Lorraine].’

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly didn’t seem at all taken aback

Crikey. Over on Twitter, people weren’t quite sure what to think.

Comments included: ‘#lorraine i feel so awkward watching Niall and Loraine!! Uncomfortable or what????!!!!’ and: ‘Lorraine Kelly talking to Niall about sex is making me feel uncomfortable [sic].’

One viewer (rather unfairly, in our opinion) wrote: ‘Lorraine Kelly flirting with Niall Horan like some desperate aunty is bringing me out in hives [sic].’

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Others seemed to think the whole thing was very sweet, with messages reading: ‘Just watched Niall on Lorraine he is such a sweetheart 😍#swoon,’ and: ‘Lorraine’s interview with niall was fun !! she called him a delight and an angel too πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ [sic].’

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