We Don’t Think Niall Horan Expected *This* To Happen On His Birthday

The One Direction singer is now 23! And his Instagram has been hacked. Swings and roundabouts, eh...?

It’s a very special day for Niall Horan… it’s his birthday!

Yep. The singer is currently celebrating his 23rd. Ah, it seems like just yesterday that he was a fresh-faced teen being picked to join One Direction on The X Factor

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So what’s Niall been up to on his special day? Eating cake? Drinking Guinness? Well, quite possibly. But he’s also had something a little unpleasant to deal with.

Earlier today, his Instagram account was hacked. And the group who did it really went for it.

Claiming to be called ‘Team Error’, the hackers posted a number of odd photos and a video on his page, as well as screenshots promoting their own accounts.


Bizarrely, they also asked Niall’s fans to follow them on Snapchat. Er, we can’t say for sure, but we’re not sure Directioners will be too keen on that one…

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Of course, it didn’t take long for Niall to clock what was going on.

Over on Twitter, he explained to his followers: ‘Something mad is goin on with my insta . Clearly some fool hacked it but they tagged themselves in it… [sic].’

He was immediately inundated with support. Replies included: ‘Instagram should block them!! They are so wicked I can’t believe ittttt,’ and: ‘@NiallOfficial you don’t deserve this on your birthday! or any day ?????? hope it gets happier soon!! #HappyBirthdayNiall.’

And happily, it seems Instagram have now sorted things out. The rogue posts have been removed from his page, and it looks as though the Irish star is back in control.

Phew. Hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday, Niall! Have a drink for us.