So Cheryl & Liam Have A Secret Story, Apparently

Cheryl and Liam Payne might have seemed like an unlikely pairing at first, but as their relationship has blossomed, there’s just no denying that they’ve become one of the cutest couples in showbiz.

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But have you ever wondered how Liam’s bandmates feel about it? The lads do spend a lot of time together after all, and as anyone who’s EVER been in a relationship will attest, you need the stamp of approval from the BFFs.

Well, One Direction’s Niall Horan has just shared his feelings. And get ready to join the chorus of ‘awww’…


In a new interview with HELLO!, the Irish bandmate gushed: ‘She seems happy, he’s happy, so I’m happy for them’.

Of course, Cheryl acted as a judge on the X Factor series that the boys competed on, so they go way back too.

Niall took part in Soccer Aid this week, but fans wondered why Liam wasn’t there… 

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Niall did tease that there’s more to the fairytale of how Liam and Cheryl actually came to be. He told the publication, ‘There’s a little bit of a story behind it…’

Ooh. Don’t get too excited though, as he quickly followed up with: ‘…but I won’t be telling you that’.

🙁 spoilsport!


But he continued, ‘She’s a great girl, really fun. He’s a top man and one of my best friends.’