Why Is Ne-Yo’s Wife Being Accused Of Being A ‘Bad Mother’?

Ne-Yo’s wife has come under fire for going on a night out two weeks after giving birth to her and the singer’s baby boy.

Crystal Renay, who welcomed her son on 16th March, shared some photos on Instagram less than two weeks after coming out of hospital.

‘Thanks for dragging me out the house last night ladies! Mommies need fun too!’ the model captioned a series of images showing her having a giggle with two gal pals.

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But the image quickly received alot of criticism over Renay’s choice to party as a new mum.

‘It’s a bit too early to be out while just past through child birth via a C section’, one user slammed, with many agreeing that Crystal should be at home with her baby ‘that requires attention every hour or two’.

Some even accused the new mum of being ‘a bad and inattentive mother.’ Seriously harsh.



However, many jumped to Crystal’s defence, and said that she more than deserved a night out with her friends.

‘Hats off too you!! After major surgery and a newborn if you feel like you can go out then you go out!! You deserve every bit of a good time and good on you for not self pitying’, one wrote.

Renay responded by sharing a video (which has now been deleted) of her sticking her middle finger up, and Ne-Yo has since spoken out.

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‘I don’t tell you how to juggle your baby mama’s or baby daddy’s, I don’t judge the stupid things you’ve done (and in most cases are STILL doing) with your lives (sic)’, he commented under his wife’s video.

‘You go ahead, continue wasting your time passing judgement, and talking s**t as if ANY of you sad unhappy souls mean anything to us.’

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