Disney Is Making A Brand New Mary Poppins Film

One of our favourite childhood flicks is set to come back to our screens.

The internet has been sent into a frenzy at the news that Disney are developing a new Mary Poppins movie. 

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First reported on Entertainment Weekly, the new live-action musical will be set against the backdrop of Depression-era London, 20 years after the original story took place. 


The Banks family, along with the firm-but-fair sing-a-long Nanny, will be included in the new tale. 

The new movie will take the story from existing Poppins tales, from the remaining P.L. Travers children’s book series. It’s been decided that it will not act as a sequel to the first Mary Poppins screenplay, but will explore different adventures that sprung from the mind of P.L Travers. 

Into The Woods director Rob Marshall and producers John DeLuca and Marc Platt are said to have already signed up for the project.


The world of Mary Poppins still captures the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. Most recently, the book was revived once more through the magical Saving Mr. Banks, which told the story of how Walt Disney originally convinced Travers to transform her novel into a motion picture. 


So we’re pretty excited at the thought of what might be in store this time. 

All that’s left is to wonder if Julie Andrews will be returning to take part in the iconic story.  

We would love to see Julie as an older Mary Poppins, with even more wordly wisdom than she had in the first one (is that even possible?)

We really can’t imagine anyone else filling those shoes. Can you?