Fans Think They Know Who The New Love Island Girl Is

Oh, that Love Island crew do know how to tease us, don’t they?

At the end of last night’s dramatic episode, in which we saw Malin confront Terry, Katie pick Sophie, and Tina play hard to get with Troy and new boy Adam J, we were treated to a glimpse of the ‘new girl’ during the last minute of the show. And Twitter has erupted with keen fans dying to know the identity of this mystery blonde…

Rejected boys Troy and Adam J, who weren’t picked for re-coupling, were told that a new girl would be entering the villa to decide their fate. Except, we only saw the back of her blonde head.

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> Zara? Have you got something to tell us?


Of course, conspiracy theories started circling the Internet, with many assuming the mystery blonde to be a very familiar face…

‘If that blonde bird is Zara that would be the best thing on TV ever’, tweeted one Love Island fan.

‘New girl = old girl zara??? #LoveIsland’, wrote another.

‘If the ‘new girl’ is Zara I am officially putting this show down as one of my favourites this year,’ another viewer posted.

> Love Island fans were guessing who the new lady could be…


Others thought it could be Rachel, although she’s now happily coupled up with Rykard on the outside, so that’s not very likely, whilst another person had another theory.

‘New girl on love island is called Lauren!’, tweeted another. Red herring, or do they know something we don’t know?!

Zara was tweeting her way through last night’s show, but gave away no clues – instead, she was busy praising Malin and condemning Terry during their heated showdown.

> Others guessed it could be former Islander, Rachel Fenton…


‘Go on girl!!!! @MalinSaraMakeup Terry you idiot, what a doughnut. #loveisland’, Zara posted. Girl power.

The show normally introduced two or more new Islanders at the same time, who then battle it out to stay, so it is pretty odd that just one girl is entering tonight. Plus, Zara wasn’t actually voted off, but had to leave for personal reasons… The case for Holland could be looking strong.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see this mystery lady’s identity be revealed tonight!