The New Love Island Boys Cause A Stir As One Gets His First Kiss

Here are all the cheeky spoilers before tonight's episode...

We were all SO frustrated when last night’s Love Island finished just as the two new boys entered the villa.

But luckily for you fans, we’ve got a little insight into tonight’s episode.

With the first recoupling imminent, all Islanders are pretty keen on finding a partner sharpish. Especially the lads, who know they outnumber the girls and are therefore in danger of being sent home alone.

Luckily for new boy Chris, he’s been quick to establish a connection with not one, not two, but THREE of the ladies.

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After being pied by Dom for Jessica (ouch), Montana and Chris began getting to know each other.

Chris confessed in the beach hut: ‘I think Montana’s all over me to be honest, she’s been grafting a bit. But I can’t blame her can I? She’s got good banter, so we get on pretty well.’

The pair seemed to be progressing, but Montana appeared to be put off by Chris’s cockiness.

However, it didn’t stop the Hertfordshire girl from gossiping about him with her girls: ‘This is the situation where it’s so hard, because on paper Chris is my type. On paper. Blonde hair, blue eyes, cheeky chappy, nice teeth, doesn’t smoke.

‘And I’m like: “You are really my type,” but I don’t 100% feel it. I wanted to be wowed. In here it is really easy to force it because there’s not that many people in here, but I don’t want to do that.’

Despite all this, it appeared that Chris’s main target was actually Camilla, and the boy had a plan. He said: ‘I’m going to do a bit of grafting today with Camilla. So it’s going to be like “try and capture Camilla day” today but we’ll see how that goes.

‘I just think she’s really sweet. That’s the kind of girl I like to be honest. She’s laid back but she’s confident in herself. I think that’s where I am still.’

When Camilla also admitted her interest in Chris in the Beach Hut, it looked like these two could be heading in the right direction.

Yet this farming lad wasn’t finished evaluating his options just yet.

After originally not clicking with Chloe, he and the Essex girl began flirting up a storm with each other, which changed Chris’s mind.

He confessed to the cameras: ‘I don’t know, there’s just something about her, she keeps me on my toes a bit more. I kind of like that. I feel like I have to be on a bit of a watch out.’

Chris actually ends up getting a KISS with one of the ladies. But who? You’ll have to watch tonight to find out…

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Meanwhile, what’s been happening with new lad Jonny? Well, it looks like he’s got his eyes on one girl instead of three, but she isn’t exactly available…

The businessman opened up to his crush Amber: ‘As I told you last night, you are obviously my type but I didn’t realise I was sitting next to Kem when I said it. It was a bit awkward.

‘But I know that you two have got something going on. I think it’s quite early doors for me anyway, but I think he’s quite a nice geezer. I’m not here to make trouble, if everyone’s consensually happy.’

Will Amber stray from Kem?

Well, the pair actually had their first kiss earlier on in the episode, and it seemed like Kem was completely and utterly smitten.

‘Mate I ain’t gonna lie. I think I’m melting bad,’ he told Sam. ‘Last night when I started kissing her I was getting goosebumps. It was just unreal. I waited for it for so long. Then finally.

‘It is just so weird in here, it is just so intense. You can just go like that with someone. I was lying in bed thinking: “I can’t wait to go and talk to her.” Is that normal?’

Aw! How will the new guys do in the recoupling? We’ll have to wait and see…

By Emily Jefferies