The Diet Coke Can Will Never Be The Same Again

Guys, that refreshing can of Diet Coke you know and love will NEVER be the same again.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like change, then you’re going to be seriously upset when we tell you what Coca Cola have in store. Because a major makeover is on its way…

Yep, in a not-so-distant-future, your Coke and Diet Coke cans are going to look totally different, because the brand is about to make-over the Life, Light, Zero Sugar, and Diet cans in a big way,

In an attempt to make the cans look more unified, every can will now be RED, with the only way to tell them apart being a different coloured border striped around the top and sides of the can. Whaaat.

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new coca cola diet coke can Image: Coca Cola


Diet Coke will have a silver stripe, Life will have green, and Zero black. 

Coca-Cola announced the can revamp on Monday, along with a statement that explained that their aim was to introduce ‘one visual identity system featuring Coca-Cola Red as a unifying colour across the trademark.’

The designs will roll out in Mexico this may, with the rest of the world following throughout this year and 2017.

*Sigh* We don’t think the new design is too bad, but we will still miss clutching that cold silver beauty in our hand…

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