Tired Of Tinder? These New Dating Apps Will Find You Love

So up until now the best thing about Tinder was that it was completely free. But now, well, it’s changed – and like our ex’s ‘new look’, we’re not happy with it. Not at all. Luckily there’s some new dating apps on the block, and we’re totally digging them.

Especially as the latest update of Tinder included features that can only be accessed by a monthly subscription fee including unlimited right swipes and the power to undo an accidental swipe (we’ve all been there with the martini goggles.)

So if this is your final straw with the app (it should have been the guy that asked if your mother was a beaver because DAMMMN girl but we’ll overlook that) here are some new dating apps designed to meet that special someone…


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Created by the disgruntled co-founder of Tinder after she left the company. Bumble is one for the ladies who want to avoid those creepy first liner’s (we can’t promise anything for the just-as-bad second lines). It has a lot of the same features as Tinder except women are the only ones who can message a match first.

Pros: We all know the feeling when you wake up the Monday morning after the Sunday blues and realise you’ve been too swipe happy and ended up with some pretty questionable matches, if you don’t message a match within 24 hours, they disappear like nothing ever happened. Phewf.

Cons: Now you have been given the power to make the first move, you have to be creative and come up with a really witty way of introducing yourself…which is quite a lot of effort after a hard days work.




This is a social networking app that scans your iTunes library (and gives you the option to link up your other online music profiles like Spotify) and finds you potential dates based on both of your music tastes.

Pros: You can send a random song at the click of the button that’s chosen for you by Tastebuds based on what that person likes to listen to. Basically a musical poke, which we not-so-secretly love.

Cons: We all have those uber cool playlists that we bring out at parties but we also all have those guilty pleasure songs that only come out when we’re running and imagining we’re about to win gold at the Olympics. There’s nothing wrong with them, they make us run faster, but no one needs to know about them.



How About We

This one is the app for grown-ups. Users post suggestions for dates that they would like to go on and browse other date ideas from people near them. You then choose one that you like, make plans and go out. Simple.

Pros: It skips straight to the date and you avoid all of that awkward small talk before.

Cons: It skips straight to the date and you avoid all of that awkward small talk before. What if they’re weird? Sometimes we need the small talk!




Described as the Tinder for beards, Bristlr was created by John Kershaw while procrastinating at work- which we can definitely relate to. What all started as a bit of a joke has now turned into 85,000 people using it to find their ideal beard- loving match.

Pros: It has a ‘Lothario Detector’ feature that alerts people if any incoming message has been copied and sent to other people.

Cons: You may find a Jamie Dornan beard or you may find a Graham Norton beard. But we have no real complaints, we love beards!




The app uses geolocation technology to show you the profiles of other users of the app that you cross paths with in your everyday life. So theoretically you can get a shot with the cute bagel guy you see every morning.

Pros: Great for those Sliding Doors moments and if you do get a date out of it, it’s

more than likely you both live or work near each other making a meet up easy to arrange.

Cons: If the date goes awfully, there’s a big risk or you catching the same train or bumping into each other in Starbucks on your lunch break. Eeeek.




The concept sounds a little dodgy but it’s actually a great app to take the awkwardness out of a first date by taking your bestie along with you. The concept is that you sign up with your favourite wingman and chose two people together. Then you organise a double date.

Pros: If it’s awful you can use your bestie to give you a boost through the bathroom window.

Cons: What happens if you fancy the same person? Possible friendship disaster in the making.

By Francesca Hanratty