Two Surprising New Couples May Form On Tonight’s Love Island

Things can change very quickly in this place...

Two of the most heartbreaking and dramatic splits in the Love Island villa so far have been between Camilla and Jonny – who fell out over feminism – and Sam and Olivia – who fell out over Chris.

Now the two lads are single, they’ve already began making moves on some of the available ladies.

Having ditched quiet Camilla, Jonny looks like he’s moving on with confident Chloe.

The two Essex-based Islanders had a chat to admit how they felt about each other, with Jonny telling Chloe: ‘We’re both from the same place and me and you are still tight, we’re cool. You’re still in the game babe.’

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In the beach hut, Jonny opened up more: ‘Chloe has been a massive part of my journey in here.

‘When I first arrived, I thought “another Essex bird” but she’s a good laugh and I enjoy people that are very positive, very bubbly and comparatively to Camilla, I would be able to be myself around her and you can tell we do just get on and she’s not just putting it on because she wants to stay in.’

Chloe similarly confessed that she’s ‘open-minded’ when it comes to Jonny: ‘The thing with Jonny, I haven’t really had a chance to look at him in a romantic way because he’s been with Camilla so I don’t know, I’m just open-minded.

‘The thing is me and Johnny get on so well, we just get on.’

Ooh… Could these two fire up a romance?

Newly-single Sam was also making a play for someone.

Speaking to Montana, he cheekily hinted he was interested in her, saying: ‘On a serious note though we always got on well anyway and you fancy us don’t you so that helps, are you going to admit it yet?

‘Personally out of anyone in here who I can see it going further than just friendship with, it’s you.’

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In the beach hut, Montana confessed she was interested in him, too: ‘I find Sam attractive. He’s got amazing eyes, he’s got a great set of gnashers, everything I look for but he’s covered in tattoos so this is something that I’m going to have to adjust to.

‘I just feel like we’re very, very different people but we do get along very, very well.’

We’re shipping them already.

But both girls had a chat with each other and admitted they can’t imagine sleeping with either Sam or Jonny… yet.

Watch these two new couples get to know one another on ITV2 tonight at 9pm.

By Emily Jefferies