Why You Should *Never* Video Yourself In Front Of An Active Volcano…

We’ve seen some stupid stuff on the internet. Cats falling into wells. People falling into wells. However, in all our years of internetting, we’ve never seen someone with such a chill approach to putting his life in mortal danger than vlogger Ryan Purvis.

There are some certainties in life that history have taught us. The Vesuvius Eruption of 79CE that devastated Pompeii, for example, taught us that living at the bottom of a massive volcano will do two things: firstly, make it impossible to get any re-sale value on your property, and secondly, probably seal your fate as a fossilised ash statue that hungover tourists will gawk at 2000 years later….


Ryan Purvis didn’t see it that way. Trekking up Indonesia’s Mount Semeru, Purvis began filming moments after the active volcano started to erupt. He begins: “Mom, if you’re watching this, I probably survived”… like, c’mon.

The volcano itself doesn’t erupt into a lava plume, thankfully. But Ryan didn’t know that, he was equally chill just watching this titan of nature unfurl and then probably bro-fisting some rocks. Nature is sick, dude.

Check out the video for yourself below.

As history (and that terrible Pompeii movie with Kit Harrington) has taught us, there’s really not much you can do to save yourself if this situation went from ‘rad’ to ‘deadly’. Maybe Purvis had the right idea in just living in the moment and letting the sulphur fumes slowly sedate him…

Either way, it’s a pretty cool watch!