Catfish’s Nev Schulman Has Something To Say About Parental Leave

Nev and fiancée Laura have taken a stand against 'sexist' parental leave policies

When Catfish‘s Nev Schulman isn’t hosting one of our fave binge-worthy shows on television, he’s busy making headlines with wife-to-be Laura Perlongo.

Last month, the couple sparked debate because of Laura’s choice of outfit at the VMAs. While Nev wore black trousers and a smart khaki shirt, she colour co-ordinated in black bottoms, a bomber jacket and… not much else. The talking point was the fact her jacket was completely open and baring her very pregnant belly.

While many people pointed out her blossoming baby bump was a beautiful and natural display of confidence, some people labelled it as inappropriate, with one Twitter user saying: ‘I am still shook by what Nev’s wife wore, or didnt wear, last night [sic].’

Laura and Nev didn’t hesitate to call out the unfair standards, with Laura telling Attn: ‘There is so much pressure on women to look a certain way. That “way” is hard to achieve even when you’re not pregnant. Be sexy, but not too sexy. Be confident, but wear something that fits our current standard of acceptable.’

Nev tweeted: ‘She’s a badass! Nothing better than a confident baby mama!’

Now, Nev and Laura are fighting against a whole new issue – unpaid parental leave. In a video posted on Attn, the couple argue that both parents deserve paid leave.

They point out that the US is the only industrialised country that doesn’t offer paid maternity leave, which is pretty shocking.

The video says: ‘Globally moms get an average of 106 days of paid leave for a new baby, while dads get an average of seven.


‘These policies are totally sexist. It’s basically saying that taking care of a child is a woman’s job.’

They argue that women and men should both get an equally decent amount of paid parental leave and that by doing so, it would have positive effects on the development of children.

Nev continues: ‘Those first months are a crucial time for me to bond with my daughter.

‘When a man spends time with his baby, it can actually make that child smarter. Researchers in Norway found that paternity leave actually enhances children’s performance in secondary school.’


Nev and Laura have proved their not afraid of defying sexism and standing up for parents across the globe.

We think we’re just found our new fave power couple of the moment!

By Catherine Delves