‘Netflix and Chill’ is Officially Good For Your Relationship

A survey conducted by Netflix (of course) found that the majority of modern couples bond over the super popular streaming service. Yep, apparently Making a Murderer marathons and movie nights might be the key to sustaining a happy and fulfilled relationship in 2016.

So much so that 72% of people surveyed said they would prefer to stay in with their partner and watch Netflix than go out. Who needs fancy dinners when you’ve got hours worth of TV shows to binge on, eh?!

The study also found that Netflix was a key component when dating, and an essential element when wooing a new partner. According to their findings 25% of people find the opposite sex more attractive based on the shows they watch.

Screw Tinder for finding a date, they need to make an app where you can swap your latest Making a Murderer conspiracy theories with prospective partners!

Netflix key to happy relationship Most couples would prefer a night in with Netflix than a night out on the town

They also found that 27% people thought that watching similar shows (what they’ve dubbed ‘show compatibility’) is essential when assessing the potential of a new partner. Well, if you can’t agree on what you want to watch when you’re dating the chance of a successful relationship is unlikely…

The findings also revealed that people have gone as far as faking their Netflix tastes to impress a date. 58% have added shows and movies to their profile simply to attract a potential suitor. Madness!

A survey found that 58% of couples bond over a mutual love for Netflix. Valentine’s day sorted thanks to Netflix


Alongside helping both daters and couples to bond, the survey also discovered that Netflix is a good litmus test for the seriousness of your relationship. Yes, really.

51% of people surveyed believe sharing a Netflix password means the relationship is serious. If that’s not modern day romance we don’t know what is. On the flip side , 17% will not share their Netflix password until they’re engaged! 

Stuck for V-Day plans this weekend? Looks like Netflix might be your best option. 

By Elizabeth Bennett