We Need To Talk About Drake and Jennifer Lopez…

While we were all enjoying our festive hols, Drake and Jennifer Lopez were busy confirming their brand new relationship. Sort of.

Ah, Christmas. The time when you hole up with friends and family, over-indulge, live in your pyjamas… you know the drill. For some, however, it’s a time to enjoy some secret dates with your new, super famous boyfriend while other famous people film said dates and upload them to Snapchat. By some, we mean J-Lo. And by ‘super famous boyfriend’, we mean Drake.

As  far as celebrity relationships go, this is so far shaping up to be one of our favourites, possibly of all time. There have been secretive Instagram pics, clandestine videos (as previously mentioned), she stayed in Las Vegas to support his NYE show… they’ve been wearing matching necklaces, for heaven’s sake! They played ‘trust games’ in a hotel room! (Us neither.) They’ve even been to the Prom together.

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Drake dating Jennifer Lopez

Please keep these ‘couple’ selfies coming, guys…

Video clips emerged of Drake and Jen at a ‘Prom’ in LA, where not only were they crowned King and Queen (naturally), they were also slow dancing and kissing. SLOW DANCING AND KISSING!

Of course, many have been quick to point out that the two have a single coming out soon, suggesting that this union is not, in fact, True Love, but that Drake dating Jennifer Lopez is actually a well-timed PR stunt. We, however, are choosing to believe that Drake and J-Lo are made for one another and are eagerly anticipating more photos of them snuggling.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, it looks as if Rihanna- y’know, that other super famous woman Drake used to publicly declare his love for all the darn time- has UNFOLLOWED Jennifer Lopez on Instagram. Good Lord! This is almost too much. Happy New Year!