Is Naughty Boy Saying Zayn Malik Doesn’t Write His Songs?

Eek. Zayn Malik has been accused of something pretty harsh… Not writing his own songs.

As we know, the former One Direction member has made a big deal about how he wrote the lyrics for Mind Of Mine, with many of the songs widely rumoured to be about his ex, Perrie Edwards.

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Zayn malik and Naughty Boy Zayn and Naughty Boy famously fell out last year…


But in a series of odd tweets, Naughty Boy seems to be suggesting that Zayn didn’t write hit single Pillowtalk at all. Ouch.

The producer made the dig when a fan asked Zayn which album song he wrote first.


Zayn replied saying ‘Pillowtalk’, to which Naughty Boy then replied by writing ‘LOL’ and tagging @MakeYouKnowLove (the production team behind the single), following up with ‘credit where credit is due’.

Hmm. Fans quickly speculated that by laughing and giving the production team credit, Naughty Boy was accusing Zayn of taking a little too much praise for the song-writing…


Even weirder, Naughty Boy then tweeted and deleted ‘Please don’t make me leak the original #likeiwould ha’, perhaps implying that he might not have received enough credit for his work on another song.

As we know, Zayn and NB famously fell out last year, and ever since, things have been pretty bitter between the pair, so we’re not going to read too much into it just yet…

Perhaps just a bit of boy beef blown out of proportion?