Nathan And Cara On One Love Island Thing We *Didn’t* See

So, what are Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde up to now they’re back in the UK? Talking to us folks here at LOOK, that’s what!

Having not long arrived back, they were both pretty tired, but it soon became clear that the strong connection we all watched on our screens definitely translates to the real world.

We sat down with the winning Love Island couple to see how they’re really feeling about their time on the ITV2 show, and what’s next for them.

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Their families watched the final together – yup, Nathan told us that he had SIXTY people in his house, watching the moment that they got crowned the winners of Love Island 2016.

Too cute, right?


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They haven’t had a chance to watch any of the series yet. Cara told us, ‘We haven’t seen the show apart from tiny snippets on YouTube. We need to have a bingewatch’.

Of course, we had to grill Nathan on the moment that he called Cara ‘frigid’: ‘At the beginning I don’t think they showed that everything I said wasn’t serious,’ said Nathan ‘it was all just a laugh’.

Cara jumped in, ‘He’s changed his tune now!’


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Naturally, we wanted to know if there were any moments that we didn’t get to see at home. Nathan revealed, ‘I slept walked naked, went for a wee and then slept on the bathroom floor’.

Sleep walking?! Now that could have been very dangerous in the villa.

We can’t wait to see more of these two. Yup, the Love Island addiction is still in full swing.