Naomi Campbell Isn’t Scary, Says The Face’s Emma Holmes

The Face winner Emma Holmes and her runner-up Eleanor Corcoran took centre stage at Eva Longoria‘s Global Gift Gala at the ME Hotel in London last night and we collared them for a gossip and a chinwag about what it was REALLY like to work with some of the world’s most famous models.

Dressed in Boohoo floor-sweepers, the young stars were beyond excited to be rocking the red carpet with Victoria Beckham and co, just 24 hours after their Sky Living series came to a close.

As the pair followed Nicole Scherzinger into the event to enjoy their moment in the spotlight, Eleanor said: ‘How lucky are we?’

Emma added: ‘It’s been really fun and I’ve really appreciated the opportunity and it’s really exciting. To be able to go to things like this and to be able to go with Eleanor is really nice as well to be with someone from the show. Our Twitter’s been going crazy since the show ended, we’re trying really hard to reply to everyone and say thank you for your support but it’s just impossible – we have some generic tweets to say “thank you so much guys!”‘

And the model, who’s now landed a stunning campaign with Max Factor, told us: ‘It’s nice to put everything Caroline Winberg and Naomi Campbell taught us into practice because you know there was a whole episode on the red carpet – and if it wasn’t for that I would have been completely bewildered by this.

‘All the mentors were so different but so perfect for each of the girls they picked. Like I think Caroline was like a friend…’

Eleanor added: ‘Caroline was just so down to earth, we genuinely got on so well with her, she was such a laugh. But me and Emma were saying it wasn’t just a show. Emma’s still in touch with Naomi and I’ve been e-mailing Caroline. They’re checking we’re okay and they’re still mentoring us.’

So what about those infamous stories about Naomi being a little scary to work with? Emma said: ‘I told Naomi about The Global Gift Gala and she was like “I’m so happy for you!” It hasn’t just stopped there for them and that’s what’s really nice… She’s honest and sometimes you know, people just misunderstand people being honest for being scary and harsh. She was just like “enjoy yourself, go and have fun, that’s the biggest thing”.’

Sounds about right to us…

By Rebecca Martin

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