Your Name Could Influence Who You End Up Marrying!

Exposure to decades of Hollywood movies have duped the general public into believing in fate when it comes to who you end up marrying. Call me a cynic but that’s a bit reductive of how insanely complicated relationships are. That said, it’d be nice to know the future.

We rattle off aphorisms to our single/looking friends likes “well opposites attract” and “we’re sure your soul-mate is out there somewhere” but what if marriage potential could be boiled down to something as simple as your name?


As unfortunate as this sounds, social psychologists have long tested the idea that people generally gravitate toward places, experiences and other people that resemble ourselves above everything else. Narcissistic much?

This tendency is referred to in the psychology community as: “implicit egotism“.

Similarly, we also attract people who share our values, level of education, past experiences, and goals for the future. If you were worried about your partner seeing their mum or dad in you, you can relax… they’re more attracted to themselves.


According to more research (we promise this is the last one), we also find people with names similar to ours a really attractive feature. As The Independent write: “the similarity actives people’s positive, automatic associations about themselves”.

Combining this with census and marriage records, there it is surprisingly, maybe worryingly, common for people with similar names to marry each other. The authors of the report writes: “A wedding for Jesse Jefferson and Jennifer Jeffries may be just around the corner”.


Think about your previous relationships or any relationships you know, really. How many of them had a name similar to yours? The theory might not apply to your life but it’s worth looking out even just for a laugh!