Naked Attraction Is The New Dating Show That’s *Really* Divided Opinion

Yup, there's a lot of nakedness.

Is it just us, or does reality TV seem to be reaching new – and dizzy – heights?

Channel 4 has introduced its brand new dating show, Naked Attraction. And it’s safe to say that the internet didn’t quite know how to react to it – or, indeed, where to look.

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The clue is in the name, really. The idea is that we’re all supposed to be attracted to the naked form, you know, just like the days before we invented proper clothes.


Basically, contestants (all looking for love, obvs) get their kit off on television.

They’re put into life-size boxes (kinda like the old Barbie packaging) and are slowly revealed to their prospective partner – from the front bottom, upwards.

It airs after the watershed, so be prepared for some real life manhood and lady gardens.

There’s also a lot of naked hugging, because the unsuccessful applicants have to hug their dismisser before exiting the show. Yup, slightly awkward.


Once it is whittled down to two people, the person who’s been judging all of the nakedness then strips down themselves, before the final match is made.

Social media was divided.

Some reactions included: ‘Was definitely not drunk enough to watch #nakedattraction last night…’ and ‘I cannot BELIEVE this programme was aired ?  Having said that, can’t wait for the celebrity version #nakedattraction’.

Some were not impressed at all: ‘Naked Attraction looks absolutely awful! Judging people purely based on the way they look naked??? What the hell?’ and ‘I know nudity is natural but public decorum and morals have slumped. #nosexpleasewerebritish #NakedAttraction’.

But others believe the concept is great for body positivity, with tweets reading: ‘One positive from #nakedattraction is that it normalises bodies and pushes against the pursuit of Instagram perfection’ and ‘Ok so it was a bad show full of very shallow people but are people really still shocked and outraged by nudity in 2016? #NakedAttraction’.

Rejection is hard enough to deal with, let alone being naked (and therefore feeling more vulnerable) at the time.

But these contestants have chosen to take part, and we’re all for shouting about how fabulous – and normal – human bodies are, in all different shapes and sizes.

And if you believe the show’s gone a little too far, you don’t have to watch it…