Nadia Sawalha Reveals Why She’s Been Wearing THAT Blouse So Much

After weeks of donning the same piece on the Loose Women panel, Nadia comes clean...

Nadia Sawalha has finally revealed the truth behind that snake-print blouse.

Loose Women viewers were incredibly confused when they noticed that the 52-year-old had worn the same piece numerous times over the past few days – but now all has been explained.

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Nadia Sawalha blouse

Nadia Sawalha has revealed that Judge Rinder kicked off her blouse wearing…

Turns out, Nadia was just testing us all. On today’s show, she said: ‘Judge Rinder was telling me he’s worn exactly the same outfit for every interview and nobody’s noticed, and I said that wouldn’t happen here.

‘We always have people notice, or we say something, so I thought: “Let’s just see, do a little experiment.”

‘Some people have been really angry about it, and so many of my lovely squad on Twitter have been getting into arguments over me. I’ve been heralded as a sustainability goddess!’

Nadia Sawalha blouse

…so she wore it again…

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Fans had come up with a number of theories behind Nadia’s apparent new-found love for the shirt, with some even suggesting that she was pregnant.

Tweets included: ‘Is nadia surgically attached to her blouse? She’s worn that every episode for nearly 2 weeks 😅,’ and: ‘Is Nadia wearing that blouse for a joke or until people start commenting on the fact she’s worn it every time she’s been on #LooseWomen [sic].’

Nadia continued this afternoon: ‘Some of them really got cross and all the guessing has been hilarious, someone DMd me on Friday and asked if I was expecting.

‘We were going to do longer but people were getting upset as we always reveal the inner workings of everything.

‘I have loved it, it’s like being back to school uniform day. It’s comfy, I’m going to be sad to see it go.’

Nadia Sawalha blouse

…and again

TBH, we think Nadia’s experiment highlights an interesting point. Did you notice her repeat-wearing? Let us know over on Twitter @lookmagazine.