Mums Of America Are Texting Their Daughters The Sweetest Messages Post-Election

The world is devastated after the news that the demagogue hate-balloon, Donald Trump, is America’s President Elect. The impact of this result with ripple through the pages of history as an unpredicted sandbag on the heels of humanitarian progress. We could all use our mums right now.

But in the wake of despair, we’ve all got to rise up. Hold hands with the victims of newly legitimised bigotry and show that the rational and brave won’t crumple under the pressure of the white elite manipulating the masses for their own gain.

For women, people of colour and the LGBT community, we can live and hope today, tomorrow is a new day. Until then let’s cherish the glimmers of compassion and love.


Last night, as the GOP nominee pulled away from Clinton, the dream of the first woman president started to fade. Regardless of their opinions of Clinton, the daughters of the United States had a lot riding on this symbolic empowerment.

In a national surge of maternal instincts, mothers texted their daughters words of comfort, hope and love to make them feel a little less powerless. It’s easy to feel like the world doesn’t care about you when a man that is greed and selfishness incarnate is elected the leader of the free world.

Here are some of those texts, as the Metro report.

Understandably some Mums weren’t putting up with this sh*t. There’s a time for comfort and then there’s time for defiance and these Mums have been through too much to see all their progress snatched from them.

Today is about hope and despair, we need to allow ourselves that. Tomorrow is when the real work begins. More than ever we need to not just Tweet and Facebook our good intentions, we need to act on them.

Smile at a stranger, stand up for your friends and be good to each other because the world seems like it’s not going to be good for you.