7 Moments You Missed From The MTV Movie Awards

1. Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson recreated Mad Max 

Once again proving why they’re one of our FAVOURITE duos on Instagram… 

2. Kev and Dwayne also did a little rap about Leo Dicaprio



And that bear. 

3. Will Smith picked up the ‘Old Dude Award’ 



AKA the Generation Award. 

4. Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine got their smooch on 


5. There was a brand new clip from Suicide Squad


6. Adam DeVine wasn’t welcome in the Pitch Perfect 2 red carpet girl squad



Oh, Adam.

You can join our gang.

7. Alexander Skarsg
ard turned up without his trousers. As you do. 

Safe to say, the internet wasn’t complaining…