This Is *Officially* The Most Popular Friends Character

The nation has voted. And not everyone is going to agree...

Picking your favourite Friends character is like picking your favourite child – it just can’t be done. Can it?!

Well, yes, actually. Because those folk over at Comedy Central decided to put on a Twitter contest to discover the Friends character the nation loves the most.

And the results might surprise you.

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Coming in at the top as Britain’s most-loved character, with a whopping 25.6% of the votes, was…. ROSS GELLER.

Yep, the hilarious adult-sized geek managed to nab the top spot, but his rival funnyman Chandler Bing wasn’t far behind him, with 25.4% of the vote.

That was seriously close.

And guess who came in at third place? Well, it’s not a good day for the girls, as Joey Tribbiani was next.


Topping the poll for the girls was Phoebe Buffay, followed by Rachel Green. And poor Monica Geller found herself in last place, which we don’t think is very fair, TBH.

We’re not going to tell you our preferred order, because we all know that discussing your Friends preferences in public can lead to WW3-style fallouts. But let’s just say we don’t entirely agree with the nation’s favourites…

Although yes to Ross. ALWAYS Ross.