These Are The Most Popular Festive Baby Names This Christmas

Where’s Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen?

Being born in December certainly has its advantages. Firstly – you get to have Christmas-themed birthday parties (enough said really), and secondly, you might even be given a festive name.

That’s right, according to a recent poll, the current baby name trend is going full-on Christmas themed, with children this December set to be named after winter plants, festive animals and biblical characters.

Parenting support website Emma’s Diary carried out the survey in question this month, asking over 680 UK parents that are expecting babies this December what they would be calling their children.

The results were pretty insightful – festive names are on the rise this year, and while the most popular baby name of 2017 (and 2018) has already been revealed as Emma, this month it seems it’s fallen out of favour, replaced by the more festive equivalents – Holly and Ivy.

Other popular festive choices were Noelle and Elsa, but don’t worry – if you’re expecting a boy there are also plenty of options, with Joseph, Nicholas and Robyn also making the list.

‘As always, choosing the right name is an important decision for any parent,’ explained Faye Mingo on behalf of Emma’s Diary. ‘This year we can see that the season has had a definite impact on the choice of names with influences of the traditional and also trending names for this year.’

These are the most popular festive baby names this Christmas

1. Ivy

2. Holly

3. Noelle

4. Eva

5. Elsa

6. Joseph

7. Nicholas

8. Matthew

9. Robyn

10. Olwen

This better be a trend that happens every year!