Did Love Island’s Montana Just Hint Something About Her And Alex?

Fans are convinced that the pair have split, and now Mon' has said something pretty cryptic...

Rumours have been flying about Love Island‘s Montana Brown and Alex Beattie ‘splitting’ for a couple of weeks now.

The pair made it official while in the villa, with 21-year-old Alex asking his lady out during a romantic picnic – and even dropping the ‘L bomb’.

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Montana and Alex made things official on Love Island

Montana, also 21, didn’t quite give the response that Alex had been hoping for, admitting that she wasn’t in love just yet.

But nevertheless, they still seemed pretty smitten when they left in fifth place together. However, their Instagram followers soon noticed they’d been suspiciously absent from each other’s pages.

When Caroline Flack brought the speculation up on the reunion show last month, they insisted that they’d just been separated by distance.

Montana Brown and Alex Beattie

Caroline Flack quizzed Montana and Alex on their relationship on the reunion show

Montana hails from Hertfordshire, while Alex has been back in his home city of Newcastle.

Alex said: ‘We just live at opposite ends of the country,’ and Montana agreed: ‘It’s not true, he lives way up north.’

But now Mon’ has given her biggest hint yet that she and Alex have ended things. WAAAH. She’s told The Sun: ‘We are doing our thing at the moment. I don’t know if we will have time or be able to do any joint shoots in the future.’

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Little bit yachty

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However, she did add: ‘I’m really proud of him with his new modelling contract. Modelling is something important to him and he’s always had a passion for it, it just comes really naturally to him.

‘I mean have you seen his pictures? He’s doing great and he looks great in the shots.’

TBH, both Mon’ and Alex have been pretty busy since the show wrapped. Montana recently became the first UK brand ambassador for Pretty Little Thing.

She continues: ‘I’m going to LA next week with PLT for something special so watch this space.

‘This is a dream collaboration and I’m really still shocked. I actually do wear PLT all the time so me this is perfect.’

Eep. We’ve still got our fingers crossed that these two can make it work.