Love Island Viewers Have Noticed Something Hilarious About Montana

Montana is just so US...

After getting off to a rocky Love Island start when she lost Dom to Jess, Montana has started to change people’s opinions of her and has even built up quite an impressive fanbase.

The sassy islander seems to be one of the most talked about during the show, but all for one strange reason…

While drama is constantly kicking off in the villa, our girl Mon’ sits back and snacks.

And viewers are LOVING it.

‘Girls, in a world full of Liv’s be a Montana. Secured herself a 6 week holiday and snacking her way through all the drama. #loveisland, [sic]’ tweeted one fan.

We can totally relate.

‘Montana finessing her way through each day, avoiding the drama and heading towards the snacks #LoveIsland,’ shared another viewer.

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One fan of the reality show described the Hertfordshire girl as ‘underrated’.

Taking to twitter, this particular viewer pointed out: ‘I feel like Montana is really underrated, her one liners are hilarious & you’ve got to ❤️ a girl who can eat through any drama #loveisland’.

Montana guessed how many people her partner Sam had slept with in a challenge

Another seemed annoyed that the student wasn’t getting enough airtime: ‘Can we please give someone other than Olivia some airtime. How’s Marcel? What’s Montana eating? Is Camilla still crying? #loveisland’.

‘Does Montana ever stop eating. She’s my hero 🙌 #loveisland,’ tweeted another #TeamMontana fan.

One fan asked the question that has been on ALL our minds: ‘Montana snacks as much as I do but why doesn’t my body look like hers?? Confused #loveisland’.

Seriously though, we don’t think an episode has gone by without us seeing at least one of the food groups in her hand.

One viewer pointed out that, in fact, the Islander is just as much of a viewer of the show as the rest of us.

The tweet read: ‘literally all montana just is sit around eating and commenting on all the current situations. i can fully relate #loveisland [sic]’.

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Even Montana’s official Instagram page has got involved in the commentary.

Asking for fans and followers to vote to save Mon’ and Sam, the caption read: ‘Head over to the Love Island App to Vote for #Samtana The Villa just wouldn’t be the same without our girl snacking and keeping it honest.. We don’t think either of them deserve to leave just yet🌴✨ #loveisland #teammontana #teamsam #itv2′.

We couldn’t agree more.

If you haven’t already (we totally had it saved from last year) download the Love Island app to vote to save your fave couples…

By Emily Jefferies