Love Island Viewers Slam Montana Brown Following Her Recent Behaviour

Last night's drama has not impressed viewers...

The Love Island lie detector test once again threw a pretty hefty spanner in the works for our Islanders.

And with Gabby and Camilla surprisingly failing a few of their questions, pal Montana didn’t seem in the mood to defend her friends.

Confiding in Georgia, Montana said: ‘I’m losing my temper with Camilla. I’m finding it f***ing hard because since day one I’ve 100% backed her and being really close with her is also quite draining, because she’s someone who needs picking up a lot of hours of the day.

‘She’s very sensitive compared to the average person. I’ve had to take a couple of steps back from her which is such a shame but I feel it’s pointless whatever I say, it’s not going to help.

‘With the whole Gabby thing, there’s been a few things accumulating the past couple of weeks and I’m not actually sure if she is genuine. I think she’s let the past week really get to her because of the Marce thing. I’m wary.’

Ooh… the claws are coming out for sure.

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Having been previously voted the most popular girl with the public, viewers’ opinions on the Hertfordshire lass seemed to do a U-turn pretty sharpish.

One thought Montana had a clever game plan, Tweeting: ‘#loveisland how can montana find Camilla draining but Olivia’s screaming is fine? Oh wait, Olivia and Chris aren’t competition that’s why.’

Another speculated that the public’s opinion could have gone to her head: ‘Love Montana but ever since she found out she’s the most liked girl in the villa, she genuinely thinks she owns the place #loveisland.’

‘Since when has Montana took it upon herself to pass judgement on EVERYONE? Yikes #loveisland,’ one fan posted, and another agreed: ‘Just me of has montana changed since she’s got Alex? 2 weeks ago she was so pro the girls, now she’s just b****ing all the time #loveisland [sic].’

One viewer seemed particularly unhappy at the way Montana spoke about Camilla: ‘So Montana is stepping back from Camilla because she has confidence issues? Girls can honestly be so horrible #LoveIsland,’ but in contrast others appeared empathetic: ‘100% on what montana said camilla is draining me and im not even in the villa [sic].’

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Camilla and Montana have been close friends throughout the show

‘At least Montana was REAL to Gabby’s face, Fabby was fake behind and in front of Montana’s face #loveisland,’ another fan of the brunette beauty defended.

What will the fall out be from the night’s events? Tune in to ITV2 tonight at 9pm to find out.

By Emily Jefferies