Could Alex And Montana Be In Trouble In Tonight’s Love Island?

Things are starting to get emotional...

It looks like there’s going to be a lot of affection shared in tonight’s Love Island, as three of the couples go on their last ever dates on the island – and it’s safe to say the producers have gone all out.

But one pair have hit a pretty pivotal point in their relationship, as Alex reveals to Montana how he truly feels for her… but Mon’ isn’t sure how to respond. Eeeep.

Confiding in Amber, Montana says: ‘I don’t fall very easily and the last person I was seeing was someone who I really let myself fall for and it messed me up.’

Similarly feeling the need to discuss the situation, Alex confides in Jamie: ‘I put my feelings out there a little bit and told her how I feel… I was watching her yesterday and something just clicked.’


Mon’ tells Olivia: ‘It was a lot for me to be his girlfriend after two weeks, that was a lot.’

Liv replies: ‘You’re playing a gambling game. Do you risk letting someone in and risk that feeling of rejection again? The fact is at some point you need to, you know that.

‘We all see how much Alex adores you, he literally worships the ground you walk on. He is chasing you, trying to pull you closer and closer, but in the process she is making you more scared and more wanting to run for the hills.

‘Alex is such a dream and he is so besotted by you, but he just needs to be let in and I think if there’s anyone you could open up to, he is worth it.’

C’mon, Mon’!

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Finally addressing the situation head on, the Hertfordshire girl explains herself to her boyfriend.

She says: ‘I’m a bit of a slow burner. I completely adore you in so many different ways. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this about somebody, I know I can come across really cold but I find it so hard to get in touch with my emotions.’

Getting emotional, she adds: ‘It’s something I have always struggled with since I was little. It’s hard for me to trust men in general. But that’s nothing against you.’

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Will these two get through this?

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Tune in to ITV2 at 9pm to find out.

By Emily Jefferies