Monica Michael Supports Olly Murs After X Factor Gaffe

Olly Murs is still reeling from THAT X Factor gaffe.

If you’ve been stuck under a rock for the past couple of days, the 31-year-old made a very awkward blunder after the dramatic sing-off between Monica Michael and Anton Stephans on Sunday night.

Both contestants had found themselves in the bottom two during the second part of a double elimination, after Max Stone’s shock immediate exit.

> Viewers watched the awkward moment pan out live


When the judging went to deadlock, Olly got a teeny bit confused and declared that Monica was going home.

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This was instead of announcing that it would actually fall back to the public vote as the panel hadn’t been able to come to a decision. Uh-oh.

His co-presenter Caroline Flack was quick to correct him, before Olly sheepishly held his hands up and took responsibility for the mistake.

> Caroline Flack had to correct her co-host. Awks


It then transpired that Monica really was the contestant with the lowest public votes, so the hosts waved goodbye to her anyway. Mega awkward, right?

Olly has since spoken out on Twitter, writing after the show: ‘I apologise to everyone tonight I made a massive f%#k up at the end. It was so tense!! I’m still learning & hope that never happens again!’

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> Olly Murs took to Twitter to apologise


And now Monica herself has stood up for him, telling This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby yesterday: ‘Backstage he was absolutely devastated, so I feel really sorry for him.’ 

Oh, Olly :(.

Phillip agreed, adding: ‘Anyone who’s been on telly, we’ve all messed up at one stage or another so I hope he doesn’t worry too much about it, because it’s done and gone, and then everybody moves on.’

> Max Stone joined Monica Michael on the This Morning sofa


Olly’s more recent Tweets have sounded a tad more cheery. Phew. But he worried fans again after he cancelled a DVD screening yesterday.

A message from his account read: ‘Due to unforseen circumstances we are going to have to cancel tonight’s DVD screening. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. OllyHQ.’

Some followers were concerned about what this could mean, with one commenting: ‘hope you’re okay x,’ and another writing: ‘Cheer up, cause we all love you Olly!! xx.’

> Olly Murs accepted his mistake


We totally agree, Ol.