Monica Michael Gets Honest About Her X Factor Experience

Monica Michael admits that she found some parts of The X Factor pretty awkward.

The 26-year-old was voted off the show on Sunday, after a tense sing-off with fellow contestant Anton Stephans.

Now she’s confessed that she wasn’t always 100% happy with her mentor Rita Ora’s song choices. Eek. Instead, she’d have preferred to perform some of her own tracks.

> Monica Michael was mentored by Rita Ora


Monica tells The Sun: ‘I was like: “Can I sing an original? Can I sing an original?” And having to do a cover was really out of my comfort zone.

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‘I felt so uncomfortable doing that. Obviously it’s the name of the game and it’s an amazing platform so I just had to go along with it.’

She’s reportedly also said that she’s ‘relieved’ to be out of the competition.

> Monica Michael first auditioned for The X Factor with an original song


Needless to say, her exit didn’t exactly go down quietly. If you’ve been stuck under a rock for the past few days, presenter Olly Murs made a very awkward blunder while revealing the results of the sing-off.

When the judging went to deadlock, the 31-year-old got a teeny bit confused and declared that Monica was going home.

This was instead of announcing that it would actually fall back to the public vote as the panel hadn’t been able to come to a decision. Uh-oh.

> Olly Murs made *quite* a blunder on Sunday night…


His co-host Caroline Flack was quick to correct him, before Olly sheepishly held his hands up and took responsibility for the mistake.

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It then transpired that Monica really was the contestant with the lowest public votes, so they waved goodbye to her anyway. Mega awkward, right?

Monica said she had a feeling she may by the act departing, even before Olly announced the real result.

> Monica Michael has been supportive of Olly Murs


And luckily, she doesn’t bear any grudges against him. She continues: ‘In my head I knew I was already. Everyone makes mistakes though. I feel really sorry for him.’

So do we, Monica!