Mollie King Says Pregnant Frankie Sandford Will Keep Performing

Mollie King has confirmed that bandmate Frankie Sandford won’t be toning down her moves on stage just because she’s pregnant, and will still be rocking out with The Saturdays at the Capital FM Summertime Ball this weekend. Go Franks!

The singer told Capital Breakfast Show hosts Dave Berry and Lise Snowdon that Frankie, who is now four months pregnant with fiance Wayne Bridge’s baby, isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

“Oh gosh, of course she’s going to be there”, 26-year-old Mollie said ahead of the girls’ Sunday performance. But unsurprisingly, her bandmate’s growing bump is getting in the way of the girls’ sexy routines a tad…

“Actually, we were having dance rehearsals yesterday and she was saying that now the bump is so big she’s finding it hard to kind of do the body ripple”, Molls revealed. “But she’s definitely going to be there and busting those moves out.”

The girls are currently one Saturday down as Rochelle relaxes at home with one-month-old daughter Alaia-Mai – not that Miss King is worried. By the sounds of it, she’s already eyeing up Roch’s replacement! And the What About Us singer seems to have a certain Korean pop sensation in mind, whose new single Gentleman shares the same names as the girls’ current hit.

“Maybe we should do a mash-up [of The Saturdays‘ and Psy‘s Gentleman songs at the Ball]?! I think we should definitely jump on for a bit of Gangnam Style – why not? We should all do Gentleman together too!”

Now that we would love to see…

By Robyn Munson

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