We’re Obsessed With Mollie King’s New Instagram Image

Mollie King’s had a makeover. And we can’t stop pouring over her Instagram.

mollie king the saturdays Molls was typically seen in swishy middy skirts and girly tees


Think back to when The Saturdays were in their prime a few years ago – of the group, Mollie was always known for her cute, preppy style, which centred around pretty Peter Pan dresses, flippy skater skirts and chic overcoats.

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mollie king the saturdays Mollie also loved a Peter Pan dress teamed with a chic cover-up


The 29-year-old was always the smiley, bubbly one of the band, and we loved her for it. But what’s this? Mollie’s all grown up and working a WHOLE new look?!

mollie king the saturdays bikini Mollie stunned with this gorgeous bikini shot this week


After a hiatus of about a year and a half, in which Moll’s been recording her new solo album in Europe and America (yep, she’s gone solo, people), the singer’s stepped back into the spotlight with a whole array of exciting new snaps of her in the studio.

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mollie king the saturdays Mollie’s certainly looking super sexy right now…


But there’s more. Because all that holidaying and time off has turned Mollie into an absolute SUPER babe, with the singer now pushing out a much sexier image to her 626k followers.

mollie king the saturdays makeup Mollie’s also working a more polished and sophisticated beauty look these days


These days, we’re seeing a chic new high fashion wardrobe and a whole lot of abs, as Ms King has taken to showing off her hot bod in a whole load of crop tops and bikinis.

mollie king the saturdays She still loves her classic pieces, but just with a little more edge…


Classic denim, loose tees and teeny bikinis are now staples of Mollie’s new body confident wardrobe, and we’re a little bit obsessed. Sassy, much? And that new shorter haircut is only adding to those gorgeous, model-esque vibes.

mollie king the saturdays abs Why don’t know *why* she’s covered these up for so long…


We imagine having a break from the band has something to do with Mollie’s revived image – there’s fewer pressures on the girls to stick to a certain uniform – but it also could just be down to Molls finally coming into her own.

And as for her new music? ‘It’s a pop record, but it’s done slightly different to The Saturdays’, she told Entertainment Tonight. ‘You will have to watch this space.’

mollie king the saturdays bikini Mollie’s been posting plenty of sizzling bikini pics from her many holidays…


‘It will be coming out later this year’, she added. ‘I’m so excited for it. I’ve been putting it together for over a year now and it will be coming out in the next few months.’

And don’t worry, The Saturdays aren’t totally done yet. ‘At the moment we are on a little break, but of course we will be coming together to do something. It’s exciting times ahead with the girls’, Mollie added. Phew!

mollie king the saturdays recording studio Mollie’s been busy recording her debut album which is out later this year…