Mollie King Hits Back At Frankie Sandford Pregnancy Weight Jibes

Mollie King has been proving our suspicions right (that she’d be the best gal pal ever), as The Saturdays singer has come to pregnant bandmate Frankie Sandford‘s rescue after Frankie found herself on the receiving end of some seriously cruel weight-related Twitter taunts.

Frankie, who is currently five-months-pregnant with fiancé Wayne Bridge‘s baby, has found herself the victim of catty comments over her changing shape ever since announcing her pregnancy back in February – but best gal pal Mollie isn’t having any of it.

“When you’re pregnant obviously you’re going to be larger than you were before because you’ve got a little baby in there!” Molls defiantly told omg! Yahoo, before adding: “She’s really positive about it and she’s doing really well.” With feisty friends like that behind her, we’re not surprised.

Mollie continued to spill about Frankie’s pregnancy: “She is quite a few months, I think she’s about five months, she’s doing really well, she’s really glowing and very happy. I just want to meet that little one now! I get really impatient, I’m like ‘oh my god nine months is ages!’ so I just want her to push it out so I can meet the little one!”

Frankie, who has recently spoken out about possible baby names for her November arrival, has also hit back at her trolls. “Celebrities are still people”, she told Heat. “If you’re going to get bigger, then you’re going to go that way. It’s weird, because people are so used to seeing you a certain way and then they see you differently.”

We’re baffled as to how anyone can criticise Frankie’s beautiful baby-carrying bod, especially when the 23-year-old has openly admitted to feeling self-conscious about her changing figure.

Good job baby-bodyguard Molls is on hand to sort them out!

By Robyn Munson

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