Why Your Fella Should Take His Mobile Out Of His Pocket

If the man in your life carries his phone around in his front pocket, you might want to send this article onto him. 

Like, seriously. 

A new study by the folks over at Technicon’s medical school in Israel underlines a link between a man’s sperm and whether they house their mobile in their pocket. 

Over the course of a year, experts studied a group of 100 men at fertility clinic.

They discovered that guys who used their phones for just an hour a day but kept their phones nearby all day – basically, in their pockets – were actually ‘cooking sperm’.

Yikes. Sounds pretty scary, huh?

It was found that these men were significantly lowering their sperm count which may mean that they would one day find conceiving quite challenging. Men who housed their phones in their front pockets throughout the day were seriously affected in almost half of the cases (47% to be precise).

So, what exactly is causing this? The researchers believe that a phone’s electromagnetic activity works to ‘cook’ the sperm, causing the damage. Blimey.

And, a word to the wise, it’s not just about what’s in their trousers. Ahem.

This study also found that sleeping with a phone in the bed, or even next to the bed, also had an impact on decreasing a man’s sperm count.

The moral of the story? Well, Fertility Consultant Professor Gedis Grudzinskas from St George’s Hospital in London told the Telegraph that he thinks ‘Men need to think about their well being and try to stop being addicted to their phones.’

But maybe we should all just put a little distance between ourselves and our handsets, especially during sleep time? 

We’re sure that us girls are just as addicted…