Miss GB Director Says Zara Holland Is ‘Obsessed’ With Fame

The Director of Miss Great Britain has slammed Love Island star Zara (again) in a strongly worded new interview...

The National Director of Miss Great Britain has accused Zara Holland of being ‘obsessed’ with being famous in a new interview. Hmm.

Following Zara’s appearance on Loose Women last week, in which the former Love Island star came face to face with the new Miss GB, Director Kate Solomons has now shared her thoughts on the reality star with The Sun.

And let’s just say she didn’t hold back.

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Zara Holland on Loose Women

Zara went head-to-head with new Miss GB Deone

Accusing Zara of being ‘obsessed’ with fame, Kate said: ‘She’s been using what happened in Love Island to stay in the press and keep the controversy going.’

‘When Zara was first crowned last September we asked her if she wanted to be successful or to be famous – and she said she wanted to be famous’, she added.

Kate went on to reveal that Zara had applied to go on Ex On The Beach before Love Island, but the company refused.

Zara Holland and Alex Bowen

Zara got cosy with Alex in the Love Island hideaway

‘She begged us to let her go on Ex On The Beach back in January, but we said no’, Kate said.

‘We had a very frank, very harsh conversation where we said we can’t allow you – as Zara Holland representing the Miss Great Britain brand – to be associated with sex on television.’

‘She said she would never have sex on television and that we were holding her back’, she added.

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The Director went on to say that Zara hooking up with Alex on the show became ‘a PR nightmare’, adding: ‘We work with charities and children, and we want our winner to be a role model. Brands we work with can’t be associated with a winner who has had sex on TV.’

Kate also accused Zara of refusing to return her calls and emails, and said that backstage at Loose Women last week, she ‘lost her temper’ – something Zara has since strongly denied.

‘She was shouting at me, “Why are you smiling, your organisation is a joke”, she said I had made her mum ill and stressed as I didn’t communicate with her’, Kate said.

‘I remained calm and told Zara she was embarrassing herself and she needed to calm down, but Zara had completely lost her temper.’

Weird, seeing as Zara sent out a tweet after these rumours saying: ‘I was not aggressive or escorted of the premises! Ask anyone at ITV! Anyway, moving onwards, Thank you for all your amazing comments and support [sic].’ We’ve got your back, Za.

Zara’s rep has responded to the latest interview by saying: ‘Seeing as the Miss GB organisers chose to announce Zara’s de-crowning in the press rather than to Zara or her family, it would seem that if anyone was interested in fame it would be them!’

Amen to that.