Miranda Sings new book 'Self-Help' is out now too

Miranda Sings: The Actress Behind The YouTube Sensation Hits Back At Haters

The 28-year old actress and comedian, Colleen Ballinger Evans, first burst onto the YouTube scene in 2008 – with her internet personality Miranda Sings. Evans parody videos are satire of bad but arrogant singers who believe that posting their videos on YouTube will make them a star.

> Colleen Evans in character as Miranda Sings


Miranda Sings has since garnered tons of fans with over 500 million YouTube views, 4.5 million subscribers and over 2 million Instagram followers. But that hasn’t stopped people voicing their negativity on her social media accounts. As the saying goes ‘haters gonna hate…” but Evans (quite rightly) isn’t going to let it go – with a new song ‘READING MEAN COMMENTS’, which points out her haters bad spelling and grammar.

“I logged onto YouTube today to check my comments and see what you’d say,” she sings. “I was shocked by all the hate I saw floating around and here are some of the comments that I found…”

“First of all you are haribile”

“Your not atriative yur very agly”

“What a silly gootse.”

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“Reading this comments is fun to do, feeling worse about myself all because of you. But the jokes on you. Because your comments make me money and you’re paying my bills.” Way to go Colleen!

> Miranda Sings new book ‘Self-Help’ is out now too


Once Evans finishes her song, she speaks to the camera more seriously. “So obviously I get a lot of lovely comments from you guys as well. The majority are actually pleasant,” she says. “But every once in a while I get some nasty ones and instead of letting them affect me in a negative way I chose to sing about them and poke them right back.”

“Because lets be honest, anyone with grammar that terrible is probably living in their parents garage at aged 42. And yes I’m assuming they’re all male.”

By Emma Firth

See Miranda Sings full video below…