Mimi Bouchard’s Debut Appearance On Made In Chelsea Proves Controversial

SW3's new gal manages to cause quite a bit of controversy with Fredrik's girlfriend Olivia - and viewers have a lot of thoughts...

As fans of MIC know, there ain’t no drama like a Sloane Square drama.

And last night was no exception, with fresh face Mimi Bouchard hitting up SW3 – and managing to ruffle quite a few feathers.

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This is the situation. During a segment of the episode, Mimi met Fredrik Ferrier in a restaurant, before appearing to hit on him right in front of his girlfriend Olivia Bentley. Eek.

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Awkwardly, before Olivia had arrived for her and Fredrik’s date, the Canadian blogger had actually sat herself in her seat. And when Liv turned up, she continued to chat to Frederik in front of her.

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After the controversial dinner sitch, Olivia confronted Mimi on a night out. When asked if she fancied Fredrik, Mimi explained that she hadn’t known he was in a relationship until a few days beforehand.

Mimi explained that he was ‘flirting with me when we first met’, revealing that they’d been in contact via social media.

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Fredrik then joined the conversation, confirming that he had been in contact with Mimi but only platonically.

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Hmm. As Olivia threatened to break up with Fred if he continued contact with Mimi, many viewers took to social media to share their thoughts.

One wrote: ‘Mimi has no respect. She basically said she’d have sex with Fred to Liv’s face.’

Another said: ‘Girls who are anything like Mimi are the worst kind of people #MIC.’

Olivia took to social media a few days ago herself, sharing a snap with the pretty telling message…. ‘A wise woman once said: ‘F*** this s***,’ and she lived happily ever after.’

You know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words…

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