Millie Mackintosh Reveals ALL Of Her Wedding Details!

Millie Mackintosh has opened up about her summer wedding to Professor Green, with the Made in Chelsea star dishing all of the details about her dress, hair, make-up, ‘hen do and bridesmaids. Ah-mazing!

The Dress: The 23-year-old reveals she’s already picked her bridal gown, although Mills admits she didn’t end up choosing the style she’d always imagined. “My idea of what I wanted was so different from what I tried on”, she told Yahoo! Lifestyle. “It was so strange. You don’t know what will suit you until you try it on.” And by the sounds of it, it’s going to make the most of her fabulous figure. “I like it quite tight so my fitting is literally like a week before. I’m sure it will be fine, I’m excited!” she said.

The Make-Up:  “In terms of my wedding make-up, I won’t be going for heavy eyeliner or anything like that. I just want to look really fresh and young,” the reality star revealed. “You want your brows to be perfect, and your skin to be perfect [so] if you take care of it before, you just want to enhance it on the day to make you look really glowy.”

But being a professional make-up artist, will Mills be taking her bridal beauty matters into her own hands for the occasion? “I think I could do it myself but I think there’s something quite nice about having someone do it,” she admitted. “I’ve got a friend who’s a make-up artist and she’s going to be at the wedding anyway so I might do that. I normally do my friend’s make-up but it’s my day. It’s nice to be pampered.” Absolutely!

The Tan: In true Mackintosh-style, Millie states that a golden base glow is a must for any bride. “If I use fake tan I’ll probably use a brand that I already know, like St Tropez or Vita Liberata,” she admitted. “I want a natural tan but it’s also nice to leave for the honeymoon knowing that you’re not really pale. I think it’s nice to have that natural glow under your make-up.”

The Hair: The bride-to-be reveals she’ll be rocking a completely new style for her big ‘do. “I know it’s going to look perfect and I don’t want it to just look like how it is every day. I want it to be special but I want it to be surprise,” Millie said.

The Body: The leggy lady will also be prepping her hot bod for the occasion by having Dermaroller and a special lympthatic drainage massage on her face and body beforehand. “They put this special serum on and then roll the Dermaroller over and it makes your skin produce more collagen… It just makes your skin look really plumped up and fresh,” she revealed.

The Hen ‘Do: Millie’s hen will be held in the party isle of all party isles, Ibiza. “I just have so much fun there, it’s my happy place”, Mills revealed. “I love it. Daytime partying, big lunch and then beach, cocktails, dinner at one of my favourite restaurants and then a big night out.” Sounds like our kind of hen party!

The Guests: The Quality Street heiress also revealed that she’s chosen her sister and three closest friends to accompany her down the aisle as her bridesmaids, but as for the guests? The Made in Chelsea star admitted that despite the rumours, only one of her co-stars made the cut… eek. “There’s been stuff in the press saying loads of the cast are coming to the wedding”, she says. “I can confirm that they’ll only be one cast member at the wedding – Rosie“.

And there you have it! We are off-the-scale excited about this one, and we reckon Mr. Stephen Manderson should be counting his lucky stars right now, as this bride’s going to be a knockout.

By Robyn Munson

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