Millie Mackintosh Reacts To Professor Green’s Explosive Lyrics

Hours after Professor Green's shock lyrics about his marriage to Millie surface in new single Eye On The Door, Millie takes to social media...

Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green might be divorced, but their marriage is all anyone can talk about today.

Why? Well, Professor Green has released the new lyrics to his upcoming single, Eye On The Door, and safe to say they don’t paint a picture of a very happy marriage.

Rumoured to be about Millie, the lyrics include lines such as ‘Behind closed doors what’s my wife like/It gets crazy in bed – We watch a couple episodes/Of a box set and and then it’s night night/When she hears this s**t it’s lights out/I’ll probably get kicked out of my house/Till I come back with a brand new Chanel bag’.

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professor green

Professor Green’s new album lyrics are very revealing…

There’s also references to Pro’s partying, suggesting he was often in the dog house for staying out too late.

‘Where’s my phone? S**t sixty-one missed calls/A divorce is on the cards if I don’t split/And get my a**e in gear – I’m asking for it’, more lyrics read.

He then adds: ‘A b****rd ain’t I – auf wiedersehen/Better get my a**e in gear and get a car quick though, if I’m already gonna get my a**e kicked? Then pass it/What’s one more half, what’s one more spliff/What’s one more glass/What’s one more line, what’s one more toke/I’m already a dead man when I get home.’

Millie reacted by posting this snap from her ASOS shoot...

Millie reacted by posting this snap from her ASOS shoot…


It can’t have been easy for Millie to read such detailed lyrics about her marriage, but she’s reacted in the classiest way – well, what else would we expect from our Mills?

Taking to social media hours after the lyrics were released, Millie decided to rise above it and instead shared a shot from her new ASOS shoot, showing herself looking seriously gorgeous in a plunging black suit.

‘Coming soon!’, she excitedly captioned the image, making no reference to her ex’s new song.

Way to go, lady.