Millie revealed which gorgeous celebrity ladies she looks up to

Millie Mackintosh On Her Body And Beauty Idols

Millie Mackintosh may be a super-fit reality TV goddess, but that doesn’t mean she’s totally immune to having body hang-ups…

The 24-year-old former Made In Chelsea star has been opening up to LOOK about which celebrity lady’s body she would love to own, while admitting that she’s just as prone to body insecurities as the rest of us.

Jessica Alba‘s got the perfect body’, Millie told us. ‘She’s lean but she doesn’t look too thin. She’s toned but curvy too… I’m definitely trying to work on getting my Jessica Alba bum!’ 

Millie, who’s recently started a new at-home workout with Xbox Fitness and now exercises five times a week with the help of interactive personal trainers Jilian Michaels and Tracy Anderson, admitted that while she loves feeling fit, that’s not to say there’s still areas she’d like to change.

‘I’m really flat chested’, she admitted. ‘I’m never going to be a curvy girl. But I like looking strong and I feel really good at the moment. I feel as fit now as I did on my wedding day!’

So what’s her biggest motivation for working out? To look hot for hubby Professor Green, perhaps?

‘I work out for me’, said Mills. ‘It’s definitely not a weight thing, either. Seeing my body change is enough to motivate me. Having muscles and feeling strong is a really nice feeling. Plus my jeans now fit a bit nicer!’

The beauty blogger also unveiled another of her gorgeous female idols – Bridget Bardot – with her latest Charlotte Tilbury makeover.

Stunning with sultry dark eyes, a huge backcombed beehive and a glossy nude pout in a snap shared to Instagram yesterday, Millie wrote: ‘Here is a behind the scenes shot from the Bridget Bardot make up video I did with the incredible @ctilburymakeup’. 

Check it out below!

By Robyn Munson


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