Millie Mackintosh: ‘I’m Plotting A Move To LA’

In case you missed it, we spent last weekend in Coachella with the one and only Millie Mackintosh. Because who better to nab festival style tips from, eh?

And while we were there, Millie told us that she’d been re-assessing her life a little, even admitting that she might not be around in London for much longer…

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Speaking about her love for the Sunshine State, Mills said: ‘In LA I love the healthy vibes and all the vegan restaurants. Plus I have a lot of british friends out here is LA so its so nice to spend time with all of them. I’m actually plotting a move!’

Yep, it seems that our favourite former Made In Chelsea star is considering a lifestyle change since her split from husband Professor Green, and she’s nothing but positive about it. 

‘I’m really close to my family and I know I’d miss them but they could come and visit all the time’, the 26-year-old added. ‘I would really like to move out next year.’


So, what’s with the sudden desire to escape? Well, while part of it might be down to the fact that she’s now got fewer personal commitments at home, another part is because Mills admits that she finds London ‘stifling’.

‘I love that you can get some headspace, its very clarifying’, the designer said of LA. ‘I sometimes find London a bit stifling but when you go away and you can look out and see an open horizon, it’s amazing.’ Yep, we totally get that.

Relocating aside, we also asked Mills all about her health and beauty regime, as well as grilling her on who she stalks on Instagram… Over to you, Millie!

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You just did a juice cleanse – what was that like?

It was really good actually! I’m big into food, I like to eat like every couple of hours so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it, but it was more about cleansing mind body and soul. I felt so clear-headed and a lot calmer when I finished.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Mac and cheese!


Are there any foods that you particularly avoid?

I rarely finish a whole dessert on my own, sometimes I’ll just have a bite! I avoid dairy and gluten most of the time. I’ll have bread but I go for rye bread or sourdough. The main thing I avoid is sugar, I don’t even eat that much fruit, just blueberries or raspberries, because of the sugar content.

How do you keep your festival hair looking fresh?

I work ghd Curl Hold Spray (£12.95) into my hair before it’s styled each day – it’s hydrating so it stops the frizz from coming back. Also, with festival hair you don’t want it to look too ‘clean’… wearing it slightly worn in and dirty is better, so it’ll probably be looking it’s best on the third day of the festival! I find on the first day my hair always looks the frizziest because it’s freshly washed.


Favourite people to stalk on instgam?

I’m really into Bella Hadid, she’s my ultimate body inspo. I also love Anna Della Russo, and The Fat Jewish if I want to have a laugh. It’s my go-to! I also love Kayla Itinses because I find all the body transformations so inspiring.

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?

A pool party thrown by Poppy Delevingne to celebrate her collaboration with Solid & Striped swimwear. I love to be surrounded by all my girlfriends as we all look after each other.