Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green Release Books On The Same Day

Today is a BIG day when it comes to celebs penning books. Both Millie Mackintosh and her husband Stephen (AKA Professor Green) are releasing their very different books. And we don’t know which one we want to read first! Will it be Millie’s ‘Made’ where she offers advice on everything from holiday packing to hairstyle (and gives us a sneak peek into her exercise regime) or Pro’s gritty and emotional autobiography ‘Lucky’?

> Millie Mackintosh Made


Millie Mackintosh’s Made

In ‘Made’ Millie offers a life guide for young women. From make-up and hair tips, to healthy meal ideas, the village-born beauty has packed her tome with an answer to every dilemma a teen or twenty something could come across in every day life. One of which, is how important it is to really consider the hairstyle you want before going to the salon – a true dilemma we have all experienced. Remember when Millie opted for a full fringe and we only ever saw the one Insta of it? Yep.

Readers of Millie’s advice guide can expect very brief tips on how to do fancy hairstyles and make-up tricks, including the dreaded winged eyeliner hack. All females will need a copy of Made purely for this. There are also some very handy workouts in there that can be done at home to get that bod.

Although Millie can’t really be described as a ‘typical girl’, due to her amazing life, she states in the book that she wants to pass on everything she’s ever learnt from the professionals she’s worked with. It is, quite simply, a typical girl’s guide to everyday life.

> Stephen Manderson Lucky


Stephen Manderson’s Lucky

Pro has written his book to give fans an insight into his early life. The rapper was stabbed in a nightclub in 2009, so his book explains what he went through, whilst showing the emotional side of him, something his fans don’t get to see, aw bless! 

Also, it turns out it’s not as gangster as everyone was expecting. When speaking to The Daily Star newspaper, he said: “Someone asked me why there wasn’t more violence in the book. There was more violence, but why am I going to put that in the book? It’s not a crime novel. I didn’t want kids to feel – ‘I want to be that.’” We’re glad to hear you’re thinking of the children, Stephen!

One things for sure, with the release of these two books, it’s proof that opposites really do attract!

By Kathryn Knight