Millie Mackintosh: “I Used To Be Bullied About My Looks”

Made In Chelseas Millie Mackintosh is one of LOOK’s biggest lady crushes with her Bambi-like pins, killer wardrobe and hot rapper fiancé, so the last thing we expected was to hear the reality star admit that she used to get stick about her looks at school…

But in a candid new interview, the 24-year-old make-up-artist revealed just that. “I was bullied to the point where I wouldn’t go to school”, Millie told Fabulous magazine. “I was skinny, had glasses and wore braces to realign my jaw.”

While we imagine she still managed to pull off the geek chic look 1000x more successfully than our nerdy 16-year-old selves, we really feel for mini Mills under attack. And while her gorgeous golden locks may now be topping the hair wish-lists of half of the female population, Professor Green‘s fiancee admits she wasn’t so barnet-savvy as a youngster.

“I had full-on yellow hair after a home dye job and had really bad acne all over my forehead”, the MIC star added about her pre-fame look. We’ve all been there – Clearasil and blue shampoo pretty much made up our entire beauty regime back in the day. But who’s laughing now, eh Mills?

The bride-to-be, who is all set to wed her rapper fiancé Pro at Babington House in Somerset later this summer, also opened up about leaving the E4 show that first saw her rise to fame. “I’m not going to create a drama just to be a part of it”, she said of her decision to quit Made In Chelsea. “Chelsea is a bubble and not a healthy one. It’s that Gossip Girl environment and people just don’t grow out of it.” 

We know, we know. But there’s a reason we were all obsessed with GG… Let’s just hope Mills doesn’t leave our screens forever.

Keeping Up With The Mandersons, anyone?

By Robyn Munson

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