Millie Mackintosh Has Something To Say To Her Twitter Trolls

Millie Mackintosh has proved it will take much more than a few snarky Twitter remarks to get her down, as she reveals to LOOK what she really thinks of those Twitter trolls…

The 24-year-old reality TV star is famed for her slim frame, toned tum and gorgeous long legs. And having recently bumped up her workout regime with the help of Xbox Fitness, Millie’s looking and feeling fitter than ever.

But not everyone’s so positive about Mrs Manderson’s envy-inducing attributes. In fact, the former Made In Chelsea star has to deal with a barrage of criticism for her ‘skinny’ legs and ‘boy figure’ on a daily basis. So how does she deal with it?

Speaking to LOOK, Millie said: ‘There will always be those people out there. But I use social media as a positive platform, so I’m not going to let it stop me posting what I’m up to.’ Go Mills!

She continued: ‘People will always have something to say, no matter what you post. I don’t really spend time looking at comments to be honest. But I do know that they even start getting into arguments with each other… I find it quite funny really!’ 

So there. Professor Green‘s gorgeous other half also went on to explain exactly why she shares those hot workout selfies.

‘I like to share what I’m doing with people’, Millie told us at her Xbox Fitness event. ‘I’m just like, ‘This is what I’m doing and it’s making me feel great’, so if that can help people come up with ideas of what to make for breakfast, a healthy snack idea or a new workout, then that’s great.’

We’ve lost count of the number of beaut recipes we’ve pinched from Mills’ food-filled Instagram account. So we say keep up the good work, Mrs M!

By Robyn Munson

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