Millie Mackintosh Breaks Her Silence On Hugo Taylor

Millie Mackintosh has spoken publically about her romance with Hugo Taylor for the first time.

The former Made In Chelsea star split from husband Professor Green in February, and has since posted a series of photos showing her new rekindled romance with her former MIC co-star, Hugo.

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And now, the 26-year-old has broken her silence in her new beau, telling The Telegraph that she’s ‘very happy.’ Naww.

‘I’m great. He’s great. I’m very happy, that’s all I can say’, Millie coyly said of her sunglasses designer beau after the reporter noted that her screensaver was of her and Hugo kissing.

Millie was also asked about Professor Green, whom she hasn’t spoken about since their divorce. And here’s what she had to say:


‘I can’t really talk about it. It’s for legal reasons.’

Millie and Pro (aka. Stephen Manderson) were both at Glastonbury at the weekend, with Millie attending the festival with boyfriend Hugo and Pro turning up with a bunch of pals.

But despite any potential awkwardness, both exes looked to be having a brilliant time on social media – as Millie fully admits that not every day is a happy one for her.

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‘[I can get] frustrated and annoyed. But I wouldn’t say I really carry anger around as an emotion,’ she said. ‘If I do, I take it out in an exercise class… I’d rather be an optimist than be a pessimist.’

‘Sometimes you just think, “I’m having a bad day today.” I don’t feel happy all the time and I definitely have ups and downs. On days when I feel unhappy or a bit overwhelmed, I just know that I won’t feel like that the next day. I’m like, “Everything will seem different tomorrow.”’

We think that is a pretty brilliant outlook to have, Ms M.