How Millie Mackintosh Really Gets Her Glow

Millie Mackintosh has skin that we can only dream of, so it makes sense that she’s now collaborated with a huge beauty brand and even created her own shade of lip colour. We sat down with Millie at the launch of her ‘Never Ending Summer’ Birchbox for a quick chat about Glasto, summer and of course, the secret to her glow…

Hi Millie, we saw you tried a vitamin drip after Glasto – are you a regular user?

I don’t do them that often but they’re really great for your skin. They give you a boost and a bit of a glow. I get the one with all the vitamins in.

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Where are you headed next?

I’m doing some fun things this summer. I’m going to Greece island-hopping, the South of France for a couple of days and Ibiza at the end of the summer.

> Millie at the launch of her Never Ending Summer Birchbox



We love the LOC lip colour you’ve created for your Birchbox.
 Would you like your own line?

Yeah, maybe. I used to study make-up. If I did my own line, 
I’d want to focus on the basics 
and products for problem skin as 
I had bad skin when I was younger.

You always look incredibly fresh-faced. What’s your secret?

I carry a hydrating spray from
 Dr Frances Prenna Jones (she’s my facialist) as it keeps your skin looking really dewy. I try to have lots of sleep and lots of water and to do
 a face mask at home once or twice a week.

> Millie applies her LOC Lip colour


If you’re having a down day,
 how do you perk yourself up?

I’d probably do a workout, see my friends, speak to my mum or go for a walk. I’ve started transcendental meditation, which is mantra based. You can do it anywhere that you can go and sit by yourself. I try to do it twice a day for 20 minutes.

How did you get into it?

It was through a friend who said it helped them to feel grounded and focused. It’s really good at helping you just be in the moment.


You’ve been in the media and very successful for a while now – what are the best and worst things about being famous?

I’ve loved getting to work with brands and having my own, but sometimes feeling like you’re having your privacy being invaded can be tough.
I just surround myself with the best team and the best people and only really worry about what they think.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

When I’ve just woken up in the morning, before I’ve looked in
 the mirror [laughs]. No, when I’m dancing with my friends.

> Millie’s beauty of a Birchbox