Apparently Twenty-Somethings Drink The Most Wine

Taking the top prize for today’s least surprising piece of news is a study from the U.S.

This piece of research found that young people drink the most wine. We could have told you that just by looking around the pub on a Friday evening. After all, is there anything that signals the end of the working week more than a cold, crisp glass of wine? We think not.

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The report from U.S non-profit organisation, Wine Market Council has found that young people just LOVE a glass of vino. Shock horror.

The research found that in 2015, Generation Y drank more wine than any other age group. In the States young people were responsible for drinking 42% of all the wine consumed nationally. Yep, nearly 50%!

That equates to nearly a whopping 70 million cases of the wine. That’s a LOT of glasses of the good stuff.

While our generation is often associated with binge drinking in the press, it appears we are not downing shots and guzzling spirits on a regular basis but instead sipping on wine. How very classy indeed.

Considering the fact moderate consumption of wine has been linked with good health maybe we’re on to a good thing here?! Wine – in particular red wine – has been related to preventing a whole host of diseases including cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia and even early death. Although we can’t guarantee that wine will help keep you healthy, it has been found to be better for your body than hard spirits.

We say cheers to that!

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