Yay! Milk Chocolate Is On Its Way To Becoming As Healthy As Dark

In an otherwise terrible and gruelling existence, chocolate is the last bastion of hope. It’s sweet, comforting and literally signals to our brain to send happy hormones when we need them most. Coping mechanisms come in all forms and sizes but we prefer ours squared.

Chocolate also comes in diet form, well, dark chocolate is kinda healthy. There’s a common misconception about what ‘healthy’ means. Dark has healthy properties including improving cognitive function and boosted heart health.

That said, any chocolate in large quantities isn’t good for you. Stop trying to convince us otherwise.

We think of science as having its own course, free of the inelastic demands of the great unwashed but maybe we’re giving the community too much credit. They aim to supply the demand as much as your local Co-Op.

Scientists have discovered a way to give milk chocolate the same nutritional benefits as dark, report Refinery29.

The answer lies in the health powers of peanut skins. More specifically, phenolic compounds, antioxidants and anti- properties.

Of course! How could we have not seen?!

The basis of what makes milk chocolate both sickly and delicious won’t be changed (thank God) but these peanut properties would be crushed into an edible powder and mixed in with the choc mix.

Now this is where we get sceptical. Nine times out of ten, when healthy qualities are added to our favourite treats, it ruins them. Usually not dramatically but enough that we’re always going to opt for the unhealthy option.

The researchers gave 80 people samples: half with the peanut skin extract and half without.

The good news is that the chocolate was liked across all fronts. The taste wasn’t affected enough to make a lick of difference!

The better news is that peanut skins are usually wasted in peanut production so you’d actually be helping the environment by eating more chocolate than usual.

(Sorry in advance if you have peanut allergies, this is too good of a deal to pass up).